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  • We deliver:
    leaflets, flyers, catalogues, samples, commercial or governmental issues, or any other form of media for both public and private sector. We seek out the most optimal and cost-effective way to transport your leaflets from the plant or printing-house to the location of distribution. Our fleet of vehicles consists of trucks with capacity varying between 0.5-24 tonnes. We have well-equipped warehouses suitable for professional storage in every county. (forklift, pushcarts, wrapping machines etc...)

  • Nationwide coverage:
    We provide services that cover the whole country. With our franchise network we ensure high quality distribution anywhere in Hungary, and in some neighbouring countries as well.

  • Complex services: - Fast, Easy, Cost-effective
    delivery, storage, leaflet distribution, graphic design, print services.

  • Free consultancy: - our expertise to your service, 16 years of experience
    We provide our experience and knowledge to plan the most effective campaign designed specially for your needs. We have been working in the Hungarian leaflet distribution market for 16 years, and by doing so we acquired extensive and in depth knowledge of the local target groups.

    We offer preparatory planning considering our customers needs using our continuously updated database in order to get the optimal number of leaflets for the specified distribution area and to the specified target group.

  • Continuously controlled quality:
    Our people work full-time to ensure the quality of distribution. Our work is regularly controlled and back-checked by our own employees,our clients and by hired independent companies too. Our clients are given access to all records and if they wish to do so, they can participate in the process themselves.