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Our company was founded in 1995 with the purpose of delivering free leaflets and brochures to residents.

During the upcoming years more and more company started to use this form of marketing tool as an efficient and economic way of communication and advertisement, which made our services well-known and more frequently used.

Our company has been growing continuously up until our present days. As we are receiving an increasing number of orders we keep expanding the number of our staff and equipments as well.

Our Hungarian owned company has been using the name Lapterjesztő Kft. since 1999.


We saw the way of improving our company by using a new form of operation system. From the 20th of May 2009. we continue our leaflet distribution in the form of franchise network, which enables us to provide standardized service anywhere in the country.

Every franchisee has the same rights and technology to ensure the same high quality service anywhere in the country. The franchise network provide solution to the problem that is typical of today's market of free leaflet distribution: chaotic network of subcontractors.


  • 2010 Most Dynamic Young Franchise Network in Hungary
    awarded by the Hungarian Franchise Association
  • 2009 Pegasus Award
    given by the Hungarian Haszon ( Profit) Magazine
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