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  • Where do you deliver?
    We cover 96% of the whole country with our franchise system. The rest, meaning small villages really, is covered by Magyar Posta (Hungarian Post), as our subcontractor.

  • Do you employ students?
    No, we used to do so, but our experience with the job done wasn't satisfactory. We have 3200 employees at the moment, who do this job mostly part-time.

  • When do you distribute?
    We work with two cycles: the first one is Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday, and the second one is: Friday-Saturday-Sunday.

  • Can one differ from the cycles mentioned above, and request other days for distribution?
    We try to fulfill everybody's needs, but differing from the days above mentioned can be very expensive. So far it has been requested from us only once or twice.

  • How long does it take to complete a distribution?
    Generally we give 2 days for delivery and 3 days for actual distribution. But of course it varies depending on the exact locations.

  • How can I be assured that my leaflet reaches the desired households?
    Well, you can check for yourself or you can choose one of our standard controlling processes. You can ask for shared backcheck, wich means our customers can participate in the controllling process themselves. It has to be done within 48 hours after the distribution, otherwise results can not be considered trustworthy. The other way to get feedback from the distribution is to ask for inner controlling or bakchecking. In this case our controlling colleagues check the quality of distribution randomly and record the results that are available for our clients.

  • What is the procedure for shared backcheck?
    While placing an order for leaflet distribution you can discuss the quantity and type of controll measures to be applied. After the distribution has taken place you make an appointment and meet our colleague, and you can pick the exact place for checking and do the controlling together with us. Results will be recorded.

  • What do you provide under the label full service?
    Everything. We counsel you, edit your leaflet, organize printing and distribute them. You will have no worries with it.