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We design your leaflet...

What do you need to get outstanding results of your campaign?
What does it take to create a good and effective leaflet?

  • Survey:
    It is important to know your customers needs, or what they expect from your product or service.

  • Excellent promotion:
    Make it into a once in a life-time opportunity for your customers, but the least it should be a good enough to be considered offer. Nevertheless, the offer should be specific to the leaflet so that the result can be measured.

  • Good creative ideas for your design:
    Your leaflet should grab the attention of your future customers and it has to be informative. We recommend the following structure:

    1. Headline that calls for attention.
    2. Detailed description of the offer with professionally photographed pictures.
    3. Summery of the offer.
    4. Calling for action, such as: Call us! Read it! Send it! ...
    5. Contact details.
  • Well-planned and faultlessly executed leaflet distribution

Fast and cost-effective design, distribution and quality printing solutions

We listen to your ideas and you can simply leave the rest to us.